Hi, I'm

Caroline Barrueco

I'm a creative technologist and futures thinker.

I believe in the importance of  radical creativity  to design new futures into existence.

Foresight & Futures Literacy

The mainstream image of the future is outdated and is leading us to collapse. It's urgent to find ways of conceiving new futures for our planet.

Using methods such as technology scouting, world-building, and research, I craft games, workshops, panels, talks and reports with the intent of  sparking mental landscapes.

The future of Artificial Intelligence - Research
Will - A tale about privacy - Research
Future Narratives - Centaur - Reserach
Strativerse - The creation of unseen worlds - Reserach
Radar DAO - Reserach
UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit - Workshop and Panels
Gaia’s Translator - Sci-fi Solarpunk Story
Project UNSUNG - Speculative Anticipatory Response Workshop

Tech Experimentalism

I make use of emerging technologies and nature knowledge to craft artifacts, installations, and things in general. Experimenting and turning mistakes into understanding is an essential part of my creative process.

As an artist, maker, and consultant, I want to bring attention to the power of 3D printing as a tool to change the way we relate to things, by reducing trash, and creating an open-source, collaborative and repairable object ecossystem. 
Clito - Founder
Pollinations - Co founder
Ángel Yōkai Atā - 3D Printing
Greenpeace COP24 - 3D Printing consultant
Unseen - Concept and 3D printing
Space rocks collection - Concept and 3D printing
Reeps 1000's AI vocal sculpute - 3D Printing
Polypixos - 3D Printing
Tesselation in Spacetime - Concept


Zombie Technologies
Why we need to reimagine our futurism.

This Place is a Message

How to communicate with the far future and what messages are we passing on?

based in berlin, working worldwide
IG: @ccaarroollliinnee
e-mail: carolinebarrueco [at] gmail.com